Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day: Bedrest Edition

Mother's Day 2012 will forever be labeled nontraditional. It feels silly to say we have Mother's Day traditions around here, since this is only my third year celebrating, but for the past couple of years every Mother's Day has involved a trip to the green house to pick out flowers for the front yard and then an afternoon spent outside planting those flowers.

This year? No flowers. And almost no outside time for me until I convinced Karl I could "cheat" on my bedrest for just a couple of minutes. I enjoyed the perfect weather via the open window in our bedroom, serving out Day 3 of my complete bedrest. The boys went to the park for a while and Karl was kind enough to email me a couple of pictures of the fun I was missing. Something feels wrong about not spending Mother's Day together as a family. But Smokey needs some extra time to bake and for whatever reason my body has decided to mutiny this pregnancy. So bedrest it is.

No matter how the day was spent, I feel lucky to celebrate. Lucky that for the first time this year my sweet boy can call me Mama. (Even if most of the "Mamas" I heard today were of the "see Mama? Mama sad. So sad Mama" variety) Lucky that we are God willing just 10 days from meeting the baby that will make us a family of four. Lucky that we got another chance after our two losses. Lucky that I haven't lost my mind completely. Lucky that motherhood has brought me closer to many of my friends and brought new ones into my life. Lucky to be sharing this parenthood journey with a man who steps up when I need him most (like say when the dr calls and puts you on bedrest immediately and you've got an almost 3 year old) and who calms me down like no one else. Lucky that next year I will be trying to finagle Mother's Day photos with two squirmy little ones in my arms.

and a bonus because this is real life in my house these days...

this is what bedrest looks like with an almost 3 year old.


gabbyfek said...

you are one tough-- and beautiful--mama.
thinking about you and smokey.
hang in there, my dears.

sheknows said...

This is beautiful and loving post...Moms are just the best thing God have ever created !
Take care

Some girl :)