Monday, April 30, 2012

hello monday

hello last day of April. I could have a baby next month. Woah.
hello insomnia. 9 straight nights of being awake from at least 3-5am.
hello indecision. Why must choosing a paint color be so hard?
hello cankles. Pregnancy swelling is so unflattering. Stupid blood pressure.
hello jug of shame. See above re: pregnancy swelling. I am no longer a 24 hour urine test virgin.
hello terrible threes? Someone is testing his boundaries more now than ever.
hello early intervention. AJ's evaluation for services through the school district is Friday. Standardized testing for an almost 3 year old. hello ridiculous.
hello mid 70s in the forecast for this week. And thunderstorms. Bring it on!

hello monday inspired by Katrina


Katrina said...

hello NAVY. there. paint decision settled.

gabbyfek said...

boooooooooooooo insomnia and cankles!!!!
i hated both of those parts.
i can't believe you might have a baby SO soon!

em said...

oh man.
it's going to be a katrina/em paint fight! ;)
only the cool kids get the orange jugs anyway... ;)