Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tales from the Scale: Week 3

Down 3.6 more pounds for a total of 11.2lbs.

Honestly? No clue how that happened. I went into the weigh in really really hoping that I had made it to the 10lb mark but not feeling very confident. After all, I did eat an insanely delish burger at the bowling alley on Thursday. I couldn't even imagine how many points were in it, so I just guestimated that I used up all 49 of my extra weekly points in that one meal. And then there was the easter candy (fyi: reeses peanut butter eggs are 5 points plus) and that handful of fries that AJ didn't' finish.

So yeah. I'm a little shocked. But happy to have the first ten pounds behind me. The challenge right now is going to be finding time for exercise. My walks these days are lovely, but AJ is setting the pace which means we move slightly faster than a turtle and make frequent stops to identify things like mailboxes and fire hydrants. I love every moment, but I'm fairly sure I don't get activity points for that.

Next week it is pretty likely that I will reach the big five percent milestone. We'll see what next Monday brings!


notetoself said...

Good for you!!! Would AJ let you walk him in a stroller so YOU can set the pace?

Barb said...

Congrats, Friend.