Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tales from the Scale: Week 2

Down 3.6lbs for a total of 7.6lbs.

Honestly, I think I only deserve credit for 2 of the 3.6lbs this week. The rest came courtesy of a nasty stomach bug or food poisoning or something that struck midday Sunday. Said ailment was so bad that I had to call Barb and give away my ticket to see Beauty and the Beast at the Performing Arts Center. To say I was bummed would be a huge understatement. It was one of the shows I most wanted to see this season. But....they don't pipe the show into the bathroom, so home I stayed and Barb and Brad scored an impromptu date night.

So, back to the scale. I feel like I learned a lot this week. I survived a week without Karl. I won't say I ate the best, but I definitely made better decisions than I would have in the past. And when I made bad decisions (like eating cheesecake instead of dinner on Wednesday, because yes, I totally did that. It was a bad day.) I bucked up and counted the points. And when it came down to it, I didn't go over.

I know I am only two weeks in but I am really trying to approach things differently this time around. I'm going to write down what I eat. Period. Good or bad. There is no Weight Watchers guru that's going to look at my tracker and scold me for eating two girl scout cookies (best 4 points ever!) instead of an apple. Contrary to the game I have played in my head in the past, the food still counts even if I don't write it down so I may as well be honest about how I'm doing.

Speaking of being honest about how I am doing, the topic at last night's meeting was the new Walk It program. On May 22nd, Weight Watchers is going to sponsor 50 5k run/walks around the country. Last night we went over the training program for being ready to walk or run a 5k in about 6 weeks. It made me think about the 5k I was supposed to run in January on our Florida trip. The whole trip, run included, didn't happen because I was on bedrest for a herniated disc in my back. Because I was pregnant at the time, I wasn't able to take anything drug wise and spent the week pretty miserable. Not my favorite memory ever and yet another reminder to me that random things can make me remember.

This week I'm hoping for some semblance of normal in our family. Karl isn't supposed to travel and our calendar looks pretty light in the obligation department. That means I should be able to cook dinner almost every night.

I'm not going to get my hopes up, but I'd be pretty stoked to hit ten pounds next Monday.

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Barb said...

Congrats on nearing 10 pounds!

And, I'm so sorry you were sick on Sunday. It wasn't the same without you.