Monday, April 25, 2011

Bits of Our Weekend: Volume 1

Completely stealing this brilliant idea from Em. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I tend to forget the camera on the weekends. And sometimes you really don't want to see what we do on the weekends (laundry and floor scrubbing anyone?) So we'll see if I can keep this up.

Saturday started with a Fedex package from Grandpa Mark filled with Easter goodies for a certain little dude. We saved most of it to open on Sunday, but AJ spotted this jacket and wanted to wear it right away. Goes great with jammies, right?

While AJ was napping, Karl and I prepped the kitchen table for dying easter eggs. I found the idea to use kool aid on this blog last week and decided to give it a try. I spent a grand total of 60 cents on the packets and they mix with cold water instead of vinegar so it was super easy.

So what did we learn about this little experiment? Some colors work better than others (Berry Blue and Lemon Lime were awesome. Black Cherry not so much) Koolaid totally stains skin and takes a while to wash off. AJ didn't grasp the "gentle" concept so most eggs were dropped into the cups from a distance resulting in a big splash. He also wasn't so big on letting the eggs dry and enjoyed knocking them together and creating cracks. Finally, we found that the poor little dude didn't understand *why* we weren't going to let him eat those eggs. After all he was sitting at the table in his booster seat...that should amount to at least a little snack right? Poor AJ had a big old meltdown.

Before us big people went to bed we set out to hide a dozen or so eggs for the little dude to "hunt" for in the morning. Not knowing if he would be even remotely interested or grasp the concept, we opted to "hide" some in plain sight.

AJ was up bright and early Sunday morning and shocked us all with his egg hunting skills. He totally got the idea and was collecting eggs before I even grabbed the camera. Since his basket was full of goodies (we thought we would do baskets, then hunt but AJ had different plans) the little dude decided to pile his eggs in the middle of the floor.

After a quick breakfast we did baths and showers and got dressed for church. We visited a friend's church this weekend in part because they had a nursery. This will be important to remember later. Before we left, we took some quick pictures.
And this would be where the pictures end and our weekend takes a sour turn. We got to church with just a few minutes to spare so I went downstairs and quickly dropped AJ off in the 0-2 nursery. He took off to play and never looked back at me. Score! About ten minutes before the service was over, a nursery worker came up to find me. I assumed AJ was having a meltdown as we were very close to his naptime. I went downstairs and the following conversation ensued:
Me: Is he okay?
Nursery Lady: He is breaking out into hives.
Me: What did he touch? Did he put something in his mouth?
Nursery Lady: Well, we gave him some pretzels. And some cheese crackers.
Me: Well that's a problem. He's allergic to milk and peanuts.
Nursery Lady: Oh we would never serve peanuts but I had no idea kids could be allergic to milk.
Thankfully, this mama always carries benadryl in the diaper bag (along with an in case of emergency card with AJ's allergies, benadryl dosage, our contact info and the name and number for his doctor). I found out when he'd had the crackers, when the hives started and made a mental note of when I was giving him the benadryl, then went upstairs to meet Karl and explain that we needed to leave. Everyone was *so* apologetic and offered to call 911 which thankfully wasn't necessary. I kicked myself the whole way home that I hadn't mentioned his allergy at drop off. I am normally vigilant about informing people about his allergies but I was in a rush to get back upstairs and I had no idea they would serve the kids a snack. Lesson learned.

Because of the benadryl AJ slept most of the afternoon, waking only to throw up all over his crib....twice. I didn't take any pictures of that. You can thank me later.


gabbyfek said...

i love all of this except the hives. so sorry it ended that way-- but don't beat yourself up, mama, ok?? xoxo.

em said...

Yay for the Bits post!! :) I LOVE AJ's egg-dyeing faces! He's so intense!!!

And, just think how cool it will be in a year when AJ is a master speaker from all his coaching and can look at the church lady and say "NO Cheese, yo!" ;)

Barb said...

I'm with Em. . . I totally hope the speaking coach teaches AJ to say, "YO" at the end of all phrases - not just those related to allergies.

Glad you had some family time for Easter! Sorry it involved Benadryl.