Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Repurposing the Studio Calico Box

So, earlier this week this fabulous box arrived on my doorstep, full of all the fantastic goodies that comprised this month's Studio Calico kit. I may or may not have drooled a little as I took each item out of the lovely brown paper packaging. This is my second month with a kit subscription and it certainly did not disappoint.

But no sooner did I unpack said kit than I realized I needed to use the box for something extra special: packaging up my swap stuff for Miss Em, my valentine at Studio Calico. Now I dig the shopping part. I dig the picking out wrapping paper part. The actual wrapping: not my strong suit. So please don't judge. Instead: imagine what goodies might be inside.

Behold the red and white goodness stacked on my kitchen island.

A close up of the goodness. Look closely and you might catch a glimpse of some chocolate.

And there it is all packed up in the Studio Calico box, ready to make the trip a few hours south. I made sure to tape the box well, so I wouldn't be tempted to keep anything for myself.
Happy almost Valentines Day to all!


tonya said...

Looks so pretty. Lucky Em.

Rebecca said...

I would be one happy girl if that arrived on my step. How awesome for Em that you are her valentine.

em said...


I can't WAIT!

Um. I do have one confession, which is that yours isn't going out until tomorrow. Things took a lot longer than I anticipated after school today! Please don't take mine back!!!! ;)

Barb said...

Al Gore would be very proud (saving the Earth and all!).

Watch out. I tagged you. :)