Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's Still Winter!

I see the sun outside!
It's supposed to be close to 30 for two straight days!
Maybe Spring is coming soon?
Nope, 6-10 inches possible for Monday, into Tuesday.
Which, by the way is when Karl is going to be up in the U.P. on a business trip.
Have I mentioned I don't know how to operate the snow blower?
Good times.
I have pictures to share! Want to see?

A little peek at our booth, all set up for last weekend's bridal show.
I was very very proud of our booth.
Except nobody saw it. Because about 5 minutes after I took the above picture, they cancelled the show. The first cancelled show in the 20 year history of this particular event.

Snow and Ice. Lots of it. The kind that shuts down highways and "makes travel treacherous"
So no bridal show. We've been comped with a booth in the fall show, which will be better for us anyway, since we're booked straight through for 2008, and 2009 brides are just starting to get their acts together.
And finally, while Karl and I were disappointed about the cancellation, we did get to come home to this:

Walker was totally okay with an unexpected Sunday spent cuddled on the couch. He was not, however, too excited about going outside to take care of business. The snow was up to his chest, which of course, makes the taking care of business a little tough.
Sorry for the absence of late. I've been trying to practice the, "if you have nothing good to say..." mantra.
But good things to say are coming. February 28th, my last day at work, is right around the corner!
Also right around the corner: a scrapping and snarking get together with one of my favorite people to snark with!
I should bake, right?


Rebecca said...

I've been laughing about calling it a heat wave here in Iowa because it is 30 degrees. And the sun is shining! Always a wonderful thing.

tonya said...

Sorry to hear the show got canceled. But if it's for the best, then good. I'm kinda sick of winter, are you? I can't wait for spring.