Friday, February 1, 2008

January in Review

So, it's February 1st. We're already one month through 2008. Does this come as a huge surprise to anyone else? Like, wasn't it just New Years?

I thought so.

I decided that I'd really like to do a month in review entry every month this year, so I can remember the highlights of 2008, as well as the little stuff I might otherwise forget.

So, January 2008 in bullet form(and in no particular order):

  • started the year sick. Slept through midnight, then went into work for my last ever holiday shift.
  • Welcomed trish back from maternity leave.
  • Chose Bliss as my word for 2008.
  • Ordered and received by Bliss necklace.
  • Got my first studio calico kit.
  • Enjoyed scrappy goodness and yummy food with Barb
  • Enjoyed a couple of four day weekends.
  • Went on the girls vaca
  • Made my first mini
  • Learned Dad might not need a second heart surgery
  • Booked tickets for Florida
  • Watched the Packers throw away their chance at the Super Bowl
  • Watched Walker interact in a good way with another dog
  • Came close to my first ice related driving accident
  • Saw Juno, loved it
  • Booked our 18th wedding for 2008
  • Prepped for our first bridal show
And now, on to February!


Emily Pitts said...

what an awesome idea! and it sounds like you've had quite a month. :) i so wish you were going to cha...

Denise said...

I like the idea of recapping by month. I may borrow that idea. :o) After reading your recap I have to say you had a good month despite how it started. :o)