Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cast Iron

Yup, Walker's definitely got the cast iron stomach. Which is a good thing since he is constantly getting into things not meant for canine consumption. A few weeks ago it was 8 bagel bites. 8 FROZEN bagel bites mind you. I'm not sure how he even managed to chew them. And then there was the time he got into the baking cabinet and ate some chocolate chips. I thought I was going to have to take him to the emergency vet. But nope, he was just fine.

So yes, Walker survived the hot dogs. Without so much as a burp. I'm sure he'll use this as justification to eat other things we try to keep out of his reach. He's lucky he's cute.

Speaking of cute, or not cute as the case may be, Tom Petty. When did he start looking like Willy Nelson? I couldn't look at him during the half time show. It just made me sad. He looks so old. I guess living that kind of life wears you out physically and emotionally.

I'm feeling a little worn out myself today. Something about a plane crash on Lake Winnebago during what was supposed to be my quiet shift at the tv station. I spent the afternoon scrambling, trying to make do with less than ideal conditions. Oh well. It went on the air fine, and that's all that matters.

And in 25 days it won't matter at all because I'll be done with all things tv news related!

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Emily Pitts said...

sorry it was a bum day. those aren't fun.