Saturday, January 12, 2008

Go Pack Go!

I normally don't care for the NFL. I am a Southern girl, after all. We prefer our football of the SEC variety. But while I still bleed Orange and Blue (GO GATORS) I have to say this Green and Gold thing is contagious.

So yes, I am writing this entry with every television in my house tuned into the Packers game. Must be sure I can see, or at the very least hear, what's going on no matter where I am. It's snowing outside, which I've decided is perfect football watching weather.

It's also perfect weather for scrapbooking, but I'm trying to save myself for tomorrow. Did I mention I have a hot date? I may do some sketching in a bit. Or maybe some online shopping. I do have a super cool Valentine's partner to shop for.

In the meantime-- GO PACK GO!


em said...

Dude! Did you see when Brett like stumbled and then passed the ball of underhanded? Yeah. That rocked!

Rebecca said...

I missed the game but heard all about it! Sounds like I missed a great game. DH is a huge Packers fan. Hope they make it to the Bowl.