Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Four Day Weekends

Four day weekends are definitely the key to following my bliss. Or perhaps it's setting my own schedule that's bringing me so much bliss these days. Hard to believe I'll be able to set my own schedule daily in just about six weeks. February 28th will be here before I know it!

I'm proud to say I've been super productive the past couple of days. I lost track of how many loads of laundry I've done. My closet is more organized than it has been since before we moved into this house. And the happiest part-- my bathroom is clean clean clean.

Today I've been doing some organization of the scrappy variety. Getting things ready for the big girls vaca coming up on Friday. So excited to hang out with these fabulously creative girls. Excited to eat, drink, and be merry while exploring a new city. This trip is just what I need leading up to February sweeps in the newsroom.

1 comment:

em said...

Yay for 4 day weekends! I like four day weeks, but four day weekends are even better!

Can't wait for Friday! :)