Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ventage Tuesday: Throwback Edition

 I love the internet. I love Facebook and Instagram. I love daily emails with my Ventage girls. I love reconnecting with old friends. I also very much love the fact that I didn't have to deal with this technology growing up. It can't be easy to have your socially awkward phases broadcast on everyone's newsfeed.

This week the Ventage girls are digging deep in our own personal vaults to share some of our photographic highlights from years gone by. Bonus points awarded for bad hair and poor fashion decisions.

Without further ado...here's my life in photos:

We begin our story in 1979, when much like many other babies,I arrived into the world looking like a little old man with a slightly crooked nose and no hair.

 Fast forward a year or so and the nose is no longer crooked, but the hair? Still noticeably absent. My mom used to say it was because "grass doesn't grow on busy streets." My stepdad calls this my GE Lightbulb look. As in my head was shaped like a lightbulb. Thanks, dad. 

Oh look, First grade! When I wore a romper and tie for picture day. And apparently took the "sit with your hands folded in your lap" instructions very seriously. 

Ah, 5th grade. I'm not even sure what to say about this. Shall we discuss the hair? Or the glasses big enough to eat my face? Or maybe we can talk about that vest. Yeah. Wow. 
This little gem was posted on facebook by one of my elementary school buds. That's me in the black New Kids tshirt. Please note I am still wearing the awful glasses. Also note that I'm wearing two pairs of slouch socks. 
The early 90s brought a move to Florida, me learning to take off my glasses for pictures, teasing my bangs, and rocking the french braid. 

2001. Contacts! Shorter hair. Spending my very first Christmas day away from my family because brand new tv news producers don't get to go home for the holidays. So instead I celebrated with a college friend and her sister. Because we all hailed from South Florida, we ate paella and plantains served several different ways. 

2003. Longer hair, sporting a walkie talkie that says "I'm producing a road show, don't mess with me." This picture was taken minutes before I met Dolly Parton. Too bad I can't find that picture!
But I did find this one. This is my boyfriend. You know him as The Rock. I measured his bicep that night. He smells awesome. 
Okay, you got me. The Rock isn't my boyfriend. THIS was my boyfriend circa 2003-2004. He became my husband about 6 months after this photo was taken. Please note I am not sure I have ever been happy with my hair. In this picture the red isn't quite right (box color at home by myself) and it's in that frizzy wavy state of annoyingness. 
2008. Familiar faces. Crazy scrapbooking girls taking pictures and talking loud and drawing faces on fruit. Another poor attempt to make my not straight yet not truly curly hair conform to a straight hair cut.

2009. More familiar faces and the beginnings of the next generation of the Ventage crew. This lovely shot was taken at Em's baby shower for the baby later to be known as Mirielle. I was 3 months away from meeting AJ. Speaking of kids who will grow up in the age of social media... 

Happy Tuesday friends. I hope this post inspires you to do a little digging in those old albums and find something to laugh about!


Katrina said...

Okay, I literally laughed out loud at the new kids t-shirt followed by the Rock.

You know that I saw NKOTB at grad night, right?

angieoh! said...

My favorite of these is the NKOTB one.

and you know how I feel about your boyfriend.

I am also in love with that picture of you and your mom. :)

Love this. Love you!!

Barb said...

Double slouch socks!!! That's awesome.

In WI, NKOTB was synonymous with tight rolled jeans. Did you do that in FL?

gabbyfek said...

i love you so much.