Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ventage Tuesday: 5 Every Day Things

I'm in a season of life where I may or may not feel like I'm living Groundhog's Day. Today Sammy is 11 months old, and aside from a change in the weather and the size of the diapers I am changing, I feel like he was born yesterday. I know a lot has changed in the past 11 months, but sleep deprivation makes it all so blurry in my oh so tired brain.

Here are 5 things that are pretty much the same every day. 5 things that make my world go round on a daily basis:

  1. My Keurig: It's the first thing I turn on in the morning. Like before I even turn on the kitchen light, I hit the button and listen for the sound of the water heating up. I have perfected doing this in the darkness of 5am with Sam propped on my hip. You'd be surprised how much one can do without turning on the lights. I hardly ever even stub my toe anymore. Related: the aforementioned Keurig has been behaving in such a manner that leads me to believe it might die soon. When that happens, there will be a moment of mourning, and then there will be a mad dash to buy a new one at whatever store is open at that moment.
  2. My iPhone: Email/Facebook/Instagram/Candy Crush/Pinterest. In that order every single morning. I can normally plow through those 5 apps in the time it takes Sam to take care of his morning nursing. From there I prioritize my day and normally shoot off at least one snarky email. I'm lucky in that some of my favorite people to send emails to tend to be early risers as well. I return to the iPhone at nap time to catch up on blogs and see if there is anything I cannot live without on zulily or veryjane.
  3. Urban Decay Naked 2: I'm fairy certain Angie just gasped or squealed or did a fist pump (perhaps all three?), seeing as she is solely responsible for the addition of make up to my life in 2013. I'm still not on board with eyeliner (that learning curve is steep, yo!) but just about every day I manage eyeshadow, mascara and some form of lip gloss. 
  4. Sketchers Go Walk 2 shoes: these guys are boring compared to most of my shoe collection, but they are amazing. First of all they are so light you don't even know they're on your feet. They are nice enough looking that I can wear them to work with black dress pants and nobody notices that they're "athletic shoes." And my favorite part? They are machine washable. I wouldn't go run a marathon in them (who are we kidding, I wouldn't go run a marathon in ANY shoes!) but they're awesome for day to day and they carry me through a long shift of standing. 
  5. Netflix: True story: our tv died last week and had to be replaced. HAD TO. Because as I told Barb, "This house doesn't operate without tv. That would be Em." AJ has his shows: Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, and Peppa Pig being his current favorites. I am currently working my way through The West Wing during nap times or on the rare nights I opt to stay up after the kiddos go to bed. Karl watches Burn Notice or How it's Made while winding down at night. I'm happy that Netflix is providing us with our tv fix now that we've ditched the dish.
Now just so we're clear, there are plenty of other things I need every day. Like hugs from my boys. And time to connect (whether it's by phone or email or text) with my girls and my distant fam. But for the purpose of this week's topic I went with things I could link :)

Be sure to check in with the other ventage girls (Links to the right) for the things they can't live without these days. 


angieoh! said...

I am so happy. I am always glad to have a convert on the eyeshadow. and I laughed out loud at "the learning curve is steep, yo!"


Katrina said...

True story - on Friday, our VP of Ops was walking through the office saying "Where is the Naked meeting?" Without missing a beat, someone said "In Heidi's office."

Urban Decay always makes me giggle.

gabbyfek said...

you know how i undestand on the coffee.

em said...

We have TV!!! In fact, in an effort to get Miri to talk like a Brit, I've been keeping track of the shows you watch, heee!!!

MACHINE WASHABLE shoes??? I need those.

Love this list!! :)

Barb said...

You've got me thinking I need more than one Naked palette in my life. :)