Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello, Monday

 Hello, healthy?: 2012 will forever been known as the Thanksgiving we had the flu. Or norovirus. Or whatever name you want to give to that evil bug that makes you camp out on the bathroom floor and vow to never ever eat anything again. Try as we might to contain it, it spread like wildfire through the Homburgs and those visiting us for the holiday. The baby was spared, thank you breastfeeding. I would really really like for this to be our only big illness of the season. Dear Santa, please?

Hello, goodbyes: After 8 days of out of town family, we are once again flying solo. The past week went by so so quickly and I don't feel like we did nearly all the things we had hoped we would do while everyone was here (see the aforementioned flu bug). Mrs. P said the little dude had a couple of meltdowns in school this morning, complete with tears. I'm not surprised. Poor little guy has been living in a whirlwind. It's hard to get back to normal.

Hello,holiday hours: I've been initiated. I have survived my first black friday weekend in retail. 14 hours at a cash register on Friday followed by 2 days of roaming the sales floor, attempting to put back together the store that bargain shoppers (almost) destroyed. Truth? I kind of loved it. Even when I was pulling a display tree down off the shelf to prove to the (very) crabby couple that it was in fact 4 feet tall. Even when I was assigned to zone (that's Target for reorganize) the toy section on a Saturday afternoon when 90% of the store guests were in that section and NEEDEDMYHELP RIGHTTHISVERYSECOND!! My back is sore, and my knees are sore, and my feet are sore, and my voice is still a little raspy, but I had fun. And for the most part, people were awesome. Thankful for the help, and patient with the hiccups, and apologetic for the behavior of those shoppers who were clearly raised by wolves (in case there was any question, it is NOT okay to leave your starbucks cup on the nearest shelf when you are done with it).Will I still love this job come January? We'll see.

Hello, Star: I dropped AJ off at school this morning to find a large yellow posterboard in his cubby. It appears someone has been chosen to be the star of the week. He (read: me) has to decorate this posterboard with all sorts of things that represent him what he likes. Lucky boy, his mama has a few scrapbook supplies that might help.  He also gets to be the line leader and the calendar helper and he gets to flip the pages when they read during storytime. After a week of lots of grandparent time, I think the little dude will enjoy some special attention at school  :)

Hello, Monday inspired by Katrina who was inspired by Lisa.

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