Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello, Monday

hello, fall back hangover. I used to love this weekend. In fact, 8 years ago my wedding day had an extra hour in it thanks to the end of Daylight Saving Time. But alas, then I had kids. Little boys do not understand clocks, or falling back, or really anything that relates to good sleep habits. So very tired.

hello, retail madness. Forget Black Friday, the crazy shoppers are already out. They come for the clearance Halloween candy and leave with a cart full of stuff. They certainly kept me busy yesterday.

hello, election eve. SO glad I early voted. SO glad the ads will stop tomorrow night. SO hopeful we can all go back to life without a giant line in the sand and mean words on social media. I hate that the right to vote and choose our leader brings out hate in some people. I really believe at the heart of it all we all want the same thing. We just have different plans to get there. I'm thinking about running in 2016 since I'll be old enough by then. My platform, "Just be nice to each other. Take care of each other when you can. And when you can't, then leave each other alone."

hello, early morning phone calls. While I could do without being way at oh dark thirty, I do love that it allowed me some chat time with Barb this morning.

hello, red cups. If the scale has good news for me today, my reward is my first red cup of the season. How's that for incentive to make sure I pee before I weigh in? :)

hello, rug doctor. I still wouldn't call our carpet "clean" but renting that bad boy this weekend makes me feel better about hosting Thanksgiving. Builder grade carpet just doesn't hold up to the messes a young family makes. My apologies to a certain littler dude who will have to learn to crawl amid stains and worn fibers. Someday we will have hardwoods. That will be a good day.

What are you saying hello to this week?


gabbyfek said...

hooray for barb chats and red cups!!!!

angieoh! said...

I hear you on the carpet. I can't wait til we are past the constantly making a mess stage so I can get new upstairs carpet... or hardwood.

Josie said...

i was the crazy customer sunday morning..i scored hello kitty tshirts for 1.80!
target clearance makes me so happy
as do your posts

happy week my friend

em said...

I LOVED talking to you in the morning last week!!! It totally made my day. We should do it more often. :)