Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 Days of Thankful: For Home and For Target

 November 3rd: When we closed on this house six years ago, most of the lots in the neighborhood were empty. Only one floor of the house was finished, but since we only needed 2 bedrooms at the time, we saw the potential. And we LOVED the lot. Six years later there are a handful of things I wish we could change, and I really wish we hadn't bought at the peak of the housing bubble, but man am I thankful we took the leap and made this house our home. I love our house. I love my handy husband and all the hard work he's put into finishing it the way we want. I love our neighbors and the built in posse of friends AJ and Sammy have. This place may not be perfect, but it's perfect for us!
November 4th: I was thankful for Target before I donned the red and khaki for the first time, but now that I'm an employee I love the bullseye for a variety of new reasons. This job has been good for me. Good to have adult conversations. Good to interact with the public. Good to see other children behaving badly in the store and remind myself that every parent faces the same challenges. Good to get positive feedback and be appreciated in a work environment. And the discount. Man I am thankful for the discount. (Ask me if I'm still thankful after Thanksgiving weekend. My first experience in retail during the holidays just might do me in!)


gabbyfek said...

ah retail over the holidays.
you will survive.
you might hate the public a leeeeeeettle tiny bit.
but you'll be happy to be through it! hee!
love these thankful posts.
and you!

Josie said...

i will be thinking of you tday weekend
7 years in retail - there are no words - just people are crazy - smile at them and they look at you like you are the crazy one..hehe
if you have good coworkers it makes all the difference

em said...

best part of this WHOLE post - good to see other kids behaving badly. TOTALLY. ;)