Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello, Monday

Hello, big boy! AJ decided this was his weekend to hop on board the potty train. Funny enough, we'd planned to do a little potty boot camp starting on Saturday. He beat us to it and announced his desire to "go poppy" Friday morning. I'm happy to say we've had minimal accidents thus far. We'll see how things go once we try to actually get something done around here besides hang out in the bathroom.

Hello, two months! How is it possible that two months ago today I was chilling in a hospital room waiting on the arrival of one Samuel Frederick Homburg? The time has both flown and dragged. I really can't remember things before him. And things since his birth? Well they're pretty foggy too. But we laugh a lot, which is a good thing, even if sometimes the laughing is of the "if I don't laugh I'll cry" variety.

Hello, sleep deprivation. This weekend, I attempted to make coffee in my keurig without putting in a kcup. Worse yet, I didn't realize my mistake until after I had added creamer to a cup full of nothing but hot water. And, it was my second cup of the day. So in theory I should have been a little more coherent. I think I'm actually more tired now than in the beginning. It's catching up to me now that the newness has worn off.

Hello, Christmas in July. This probably makes me a big geek, but I'm kind of stoked to do some Christmas crafts with the little dude on Wednesday. Just something different in the midst of this hot, hot, hot. What will we do? I don't know. I do know the idea will come from pinterest and it probably won't go over as well as I hope. And I know I'll take pictures. Because that's what I do.

Hello, Project Life? The pictures are piling up. In my computer, because lord knows I haven't printed them. I've got some "stuff" saved too, but if you ask me where any of it is the best I can do is gesture at one of 20 "piles" around the house. I *want* to do this. But when? Maybe when sleep doesn't seem like the only possible thing I should do with any of my free time.

Hello, Tales from the Scale. First weigh in tonight. I feel like it's been a good week. Could have been better, but that's the story of my life. Will report back later.

(Hello, Monday inspired  by Katrina, inspired by Lisa)


angieoh! said...

That is awesome Steph - AJ is a real trooper!

We should have a PL night and keep the kids far away! :) let me know!

gabbyfek said...

that's amazing!!!!!!!!!!
so proud of him.

and yes. sleep. how i miss it.

em said...

Your K cup story is classic. :) And GO AJ!!!