Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello, Monday

Hello, 98 degrees. No, not the boy band. Our forecast high for today. I live in Wisconsin for a reason. If I have to put up with ridiculous wicked winters, I should at least be able to enjoy comfortable summer temperatures. Comfortable? 80. NOT 98.

Hello, 2am dance party. Oh, Sam. You're so very lucky you're cute. Now please learn Mama means business when it comes to night waking. You wake up. I change your diaper. Nurse, burp, prop up for 30 minutes (stupid reflux) and then BACK TO SLEEP. Your eyes are beautiful but when the sun is sleeping I would prefer to see them closed.

Hello, pinterest projects. Last week we made gak. This morning I have "paint cubes" in my freezer in the hopes of creating a masterpiece after nap this afternoon (please GOD let there be a nap. See also: 2am dance party). The gak project was fun, but very very messy. Hoping that taking the paint cubes outside will translate to very very fun with just a little mess.

Hello, (and goodbye) to Magic Mike. When I walked into the theatre with Barb, I wasn't expecting much. My biggest fear was that I'd fall asleep (hello, comfy chairs in a dark air conditioned room). I did not fall asleep. Instead I stared at the screen for 2 hours in a "this is such a train wreck I can't look away" sort of fashion. Except I *wanted* to look away. If I wasn't already kind of grossed out by the whole "Matthew McConaughey doesn't practice good hygiene" thing, I am most certainly scarred for life by watching him "dance" around in a banana hammock with a stragetically placed tassle. Shudder.

Hello, Weight Watchers. Time to face the music. And the scale. As I told Karl last night, the pregnancy party is over. I'll weigh in for the first time in 9 months tonight. Time to return to healthy choices. And maybe some form of physical activity. But not until it's not 98 degrees outside!


gabbyfek said...

i can't wait to hear how the paint cubes go-- i've been wanting to try those.
and what is up with WI's summer??? my parents are not happy with the weather either.
you said banana hammock.
and now i'm laughing.
love you. hope you get some rest today.

em said...

I can't wait to hear about the paint! Oh wait, that's exactly what Gabby just said. ;)

As for Magic Mike...I think I can wait for the dvd. ;)