Thursday, August 23, 2012


I keep writing blog posts in my head. Trying to remember all the things I want to share here.

Things like how fun AJ is right now, all the crazy things he says (and how often I ask myself "Where did he get that?" and then answer that question five minutes later when I find the words coming out of my own mouth).

Things like Sam's 3 month stats, which would be out of place here since I've yet to document his one month or two month stats in blog form.

Things like my decision to take on a part time job and all of the guilt/drama/freaking out I've got going on as a result. I haven't even started yet and I keep wondering if doing this is inviting too much chaos into our lives.

Things like registering AJ for the early childhood preschool program where he will continue his speech therapy. I had to go school supply shopping for the first time for anyone other than myself (though mama got a couple supplies too!) and I may have had a mini panic attack in the Crayola aisle.

Things like worrying. A lot. Should AJ take the bus to his new school? He's starting at a new school 4 days a week and moving to a new classroom in his other school all at the same time. Too much change all at once? Or is it like ripping off a bandaid?

Things like tales from the scale. Remember when I used to do that? WW is going well this time, but I am way more of the tortoise than the hare this time around. Slow and steady is how it goes when you're trying to lose weight while also serving as the sole food source for a growing littler dude.

And there's more. Vacation plans, and changes for Karl at work, and parties coming up.

It's all good. Just keep swimming.


em said...

I totally know that feeling - when there is SO much to blog about that blogging about any of it becomes overwhelming. How about some cute can never go wrong with those. ;)

gabbyfek said...

yes. all of that.
whenever you have the chance.
i love you and i understand the overwhelmed-ness, you know i do.
hug those cute boys for me.