Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change is Coming

Did you think I was referencing the inauguration? Nope.

After a day of watching what seemed like endless coverage, I have nothing left to say on that topic. Regardless of your political affiliation, today is historic. We will all likely remember where we were today.

And where was I?

Sitting in a hospital waiting room, having my blood drawn four times in 3 hours to determine whether I have gestational diabetes.

And I do.

I'm bummed, but not shocked. It's nothing I can't handle.

I'll have to test my blood sugar multiple times a day. It's a good thing I got over my fear of needles this summer when I had to shoot myself up in order to get pregnant.

So to borrow a line from our new president's campaign...

Can we do it?

Yes we can!

(But I'm really going to miss my carbs.)


em said...

You can do it!! Everything is going to be just fine!!!

Laura said...

Ugh - sorry to read this Steph! You will be fine though...I have my test in about three weeks (the one-hour one). Yipee.