Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's February. Who knew???

It seems I've been absent for a while. I feel like my life has morphed into nonstop Monkey Preparation. Well, maybe not preparations yet. It's more like preparing to prepare. You'd think after trying to get knocked up for more than two years we'd have all our decisions made by now, right? But infertiles can be a suspicious breed. As a result of that, I wouldn't or couldn't really pick anything out in the time we were waiting for things to finally happen for us. Oh, and it doesn't help that my husband and I have expensive taste without the paycheck to support said taste.

I'm happy to report, despite those obstacles, we're on our way to decision making. Allow me to illustrate:

Crib (selected and ordered):

Matching dresser that we'll also use as a changing table (selected and ordered):

Bedding (selected and will be ordered this weekend):

That wraps up the things that are either ordered or will be ordered this week. Oh, and we bought paint. The color came from a Behr swatch called "Whisper Yellow." It's a pale version from the same color family as the yellow in the quilt. We had initially planned cherry furniture, but tossed that idea aside after a fruitless search for a good quality cherry crib in our price range.

Now for the things I am currently lusting over but have not purchased.

From the lovely Etsy artist Creative Thursday:

Gotta make sure the sock monkeys are well represented in Monkey's room!

I also plan to commission my friend Lauren to paint a canvas for over Monkey's crib. She just started an etsy shop Living off Hope where she's posted lots of pretty painted things made of glass. Not exactly Monkey proof, but she can rock the canvas too. Now I just need a good quote to pass along to her to get her started.

I also very much love this mobile from Etsy artist Quilt Baby but I'm not sure if it works with the bedding set.

Honestly, I could go on forever with my etsy finds. Thankfully, I have lots of friends expecting babies in the coming months so I can spread the etsy love to them.

Now I'm off to continue working on cleaning out Monkey's room so it's ready to paint!


Kirsty said...

Oh these are all gorgeous! Shopping for a new baby is just SO much fun!!!

tina cockburn said...

I can't wait to see the room all finished. I love the monkeys!