Monday, January 5, 2009

Future Home of Monkey

Well after countless hours of web surfing and many more hours pining over the bedding set I really really loved, I think I have found bedding that I both love and can afford!!! (sidenote: Who spends 500 dollars on crib bedding, really? Do they not know babies poop and pee all over everything? No matter how cute it is, it just doesn't seem like money well spent!)

My "love at first sight" bedding involved sock monkeys. It was beautiful and gender neutral and not too baby-ish. I loved it. I did not love the price tag and the fact that the crib I was looking into would cost less than the bed set. So I went back to the drawing board, or the google search.

And today, just when I thought I would never find bedding I loved as much as my funky monkeys, I stumbled upon this. And the company that makes it is Banana Fish, which sounds kind of like Funky Monkey to me, right? :)

So I'm going to sleep on it, but I think this is the one. The color palette is perfect. I think the circles are whimsical but not babyish. It offers fun wall color options. It won't break the bank. And I will still be able to work my sock monkeys into wall prints and other decor.

Hey Monkey, if you like it...give me a kick!


Laura said...

I'm kicking! Love it!

em said...

I think it looks great! Will you post a photo of your furniture???