Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend in Review

So we made it back in one piece from the Upper Peninsula. It was touch and go there for a while with the black flies and mosquitoes I thought were going to carry me away. I am one of those people that attracts bugs of all sorts. I must taste good.

But all the bugs were worth it when we got to see these guys:

I've never seen a fawn this young before. I love that Mom is totally aware of our presence, but the little one is more concerned with getting lunch! And look at those wobbly Bambi legs! It doesn't get cuter! Now if we could get rid of the bugs I might really be a fan of nature :)

I am already a fan of weddings, and not just because they're normally bug free events. It was great to attend Karl's cousins wedding as guests, but we couldn't resist bringing our cameras along to document our view of the day. We got some strange looks from the hired photographer. I don't think he liked me very much. Oh well. We stayed out of his way and got some great shots...

On our way out of town Karl and I stopped at the pasty shop to fill up a cooler with frozen u.p. goodness. And I'm now the proud owner of a mug that says, "Got Sisu?" which makes me insanely happy. I think only one person who reads this will know what Sisu means, but I promise to write all about my mug and the meaning behind it tomorrow.

For now I'm off to bed with this guy....


Barb said...

Love the self-Homburg-portraits!

And how in the world did you get the shot of that deer?!!? Wow!

Sharyn said...

Definitely got sisu!

LOL at the pro photog not liking you. fun shots