Friday, June 27, 2008

Five on Friday in Bullet Points

  • I met more new neighbors this morning. It's funny to me that I can say, "Oh your house is cute inside!" because I've been through all of them during open houses. But really, her house is cute inside, and my mother wanted to buy it. Sorry Mom.
  • I just had a pickle wrap for lunch. It is possible I am trying to cut back on my carbs once again. In 2003 I lost more than 60 pounds by doing Atkins and working out. I felt amazing and was the poster child for the low carb lifestyle. But alas, I love bread. And pasta. And Ramen Noodles (yes I really do like them!) and so all the weight came back and then some over the past five years. So now I'm not going back on Atkins, but I am trying to cut back on all the carbs I eat in the hopes that I might see some changes in the scale. It has become way too common place for me to turn to carbs for any meal. Need a quick breakfast? Toast is easy. Karl's not home for dinner? That's okay I'll just eat Ramen Noodles. Not good.
  • The reason for the diet change: being fat during the summer sucks. I sweat. A lot. And trust me, sweating while lugging camera gear and following a bridal party is not fun. I spend the day climbing and squatting and crawling around to get the shots I want. And the sweatiness is just nasty. Plus, I think my feet, knees, and back would love me a lot more if I were lighter.
  • Oh, and the timing of the weight loss attempt also coincides with the first time since September that I'm not taking drugs that make me gain an average of 5 pounds a month. Fertility meds are great like that. They convince your body you're pregnant, so you gain weight. Except at the end of the month you're not're just fat. Awesome. So since we're forced to take this month off of the drugs (a long story), I might actually have a shot at making some progress.
  • And because I need to make sure all these bullets aren't about my eating habits: after this weekend's wedding.... we begin our *easy* month. Only one wedding in the entire month of July!!! How awesome is that? And it's a good thing because we go six weeks straight through August and early September. Then a week off, followed by five weeks straight. Oh Wisconsin wedding season, why must you be so short. If anyone wants to get married in February, I promise you my undivided attention :)


vtpuggirl said...

Man I bet it is tough being a photographer during wedding season/summer. Guess weekend getaways, vacations are out.

em said...

A pickle wrap? I'm sorry but that sounds kind of scary to me!! ;) I could never do the Atkins...I would starve! All I eat is bread and pasta...which actually explains a lot... ;)