Monday, June 2, 2008

Houston, We Have Azaleas!

Alternate title: Perhaps my thumb is not black after all! That poor azalea bush has been on life support since shortly after we planted last spring. When things thawed out this spring I was pretty darn sure the bush was toast.
But last month, it came back to life... sort of. Half the bush sprouted pretty green leaves. The other half, well not so much. So now I had a half dead bush! Better than nothing, but I was sure we wouldn't get any blooms on a half dead bush, right?
Wrong! Last week I spotted buds and this morning, blooms!
A very good way to start the month I think!

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Rosebay said...

After the azalea is done blooming prune out the weak branches. The azalea should be fine assuming it is plant hardy in your area.