Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. This is my latest favorite Walker picture, taken the night we got home from vacation. I can just hear him saying, "Seriously, you let me stay at that scary place for 10 days?? Do you know they make me sleep on the floor there? ON THE FLOOR!!! I hope you know I'm only posing for this picture in the hopes that it will guilt you into never making me go to that place again."

2. After two lovely spring days this weekend, they're using the S word in the forecast. I am in denial. It is April, people. April. No snow!

3. Speaking of snow and being in denial and such, I have good reason to be thinking warm thoughts. We have six engagement sessions scheduled between now and the end of the month. Our weekends are booked. And the first weekend in May starts wedding season. A snowed out day is just not in my schedule thankyouverymuch.

4. I did an entire week's grocery shopping last week for 37 dollars. And I feel like I should tell everyone. Because I was so proud of myself.

5. And then I realized Walker needed food. A trip to Pet Supplies Plus cost my 55 dollars. Clearly my dog eats better than his people. But he's cute, so he's worth it.

6. Do you know how many baby related shows are on t.v. during the day? A Baby Story. Bringing Home Baby. Special Delivery. House of Babies. And those are just the ones with names I remember! If nothing else, Walker will be used to the sound of crying babies if we ever have one of our own.

7. Karl and I are breaking our pop habit. It is kind of killing me. I can't believe how addicted I am to carbonated beverages. I also can't believe how much money we're saving by not drinking it.

8. I'm currently researching dessert recipes, in preparation for our dinner party this weekend. Something spring. Maybe strawberry?

9. I have big plans to scrapbook tonight. But alas, I have had big plans to scrapbook for the past three nights and it hasn't happened. I'm not getting my hopes up about tonight. I'm already kind of tired.

10. My garbage disposal is broken. I have an irrational fear of the garbage disposal; therefore, it will stay broken until Karl comes home to fix it.

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Barb said...

So. . . I grocery shopping on Sunday and spent $120. I think I need to take you shopping with me next weekend.