Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Dog Wants Implants

So here's the truth about Walker. When we first got him, Karl and I had no idea you weren't supposed to just leave a full bowl of dog food out all day and refill it when it was empty. As a result, Walker grazed through his puppy hood. We marveled at how he didn't seem the least bit interested in our people food. Such good manners.

And then we moved to WI and took him to the vet for his shots. At which time we were scolded for having an overweight dog. In fact I believe the vet tech said Walker's midsection looked like a tater tot. I bit my tongue to keep from saying something mean like, "Well it takes one to know one." So of course, they asked us about his eating habits and explained that he should be getting measured portions at set times of day.

Right. See this is why it's a good idea to have dogs before kids. It's a learning experience.

So we left the vet and set out to buy Walker weight control food, and a dog scoop measuring cup. And after a few months of proper diet and a set feeding schedule, Walker slimmed down. (If only it were that easy for people to lose weight!) Except he developed this nasty habit as a result of his new diet.

Counter Surfing.

Seemingly overnight, Walker went from a grazer, to a food hound. Nothing is safe. He is a canine garbage disposal. And he doesn't seem to get that some things are just not meant for dog consumption.

We've had plenty of mishaps over the years. Last December he ate 3/4 of a big bag of semisweet chocolate chips. I think I took that one harder than he did. The emergency vet didn't think the dose was toxic, so we had to watch him for a few days. His tummy definitely wasn't happy.

All of this leads me to last night's tale....

I baked black bottom cupcakes for last night's dinner party. Apparently Walker decided that a chocolate cupcake with cheesecake filling sounded like a great idea for a mid afternoon snack. Silly me for not putting them on top of the fridge (the only place that is truly safe from the counter surfing). So I hear him up there and I run into the kitchen, which of course means Walker is going to run OUT of the kitchen. He knows the drill.

He also knows he needs to act fast because I'm quite accustomed to sticking my hand in his mouth to grab whatever thing he might be attempting to consume. In fact, I'm quite certain he doesn't enjoy these treats because he doesn't even have time to chew them. In yesterday's case, he was too fast for me. By the time I caught up to him, the cupcake was gone.

And because Walker likes to do things to torment me, he decided not to eat one of the cupcakes with the pretty pink paper liner. Oh no. He ate one of the ones I baked in one of those reusable sillicone baking cups.

My dog swallowed an entire sillicone baking cup whole.

So once again, I will spend my weekend watching him closely to make sure he's still eating and drinking. And following him outside to make sure the baking cup makes its way out the other end.

For now though, my dog might be the only canine on earth that has a sillicone implant.


em said...

hi walker!! it's maddie!!!!!!!!
i just wanted to say that i know all about acting fast and getting the good stuff. you are my hero. yum. let's play. it'd be fun. yeah. fun. and i can teach you my food getting tricks. and you can teach me yours. yeah. cool. and then we can run around. and play some more. and maybe eat a bone. i like bones. do you like bones? they aren't as good as cupcakes. but i have to go now. i'm feeling sick after going through the garbage. old meatballs. yum.

Barb said...

Hi, Walker! Hi, Maddie!

It's Memphis.

You two are making me jealous. I hardly ever get to eat food off the counter top or out of the garbage. I used to do it all the time. . . especially whole sticks of butter.

We really need to hang out sometime - the three of us. You can teach me some new tricks!

amyyo said...

Hi Walker!! It's Radar (Barb's cousin) I am little (only 20 pounds) therefore, I can't REACH anything on TOP of the counter. I really try, though. I am a good jumper. I do love getting my snacks out of the lazy susan (granola bars, bisquick, and cereal). Maybe we could get together some time and you could get me some better food!!

tonya said...

LOL, Hope he's okay.

Josie said...

i seriously think you, em and barb could write a best seller with all your dog's antics and cute photos