Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scrapbooking Fun

I had the chance this weekend to hang out with my very favorite scrapping and snarking partner, Barb. While I don't seem to get very much done during our scrappy time, it's great to have company and a creative eye who's willing to tell me when a layout "needs more orange." In honor of our fun on Sunday night, I decided to post some of the layouts I've been working on recently. Two of these came out of Sunday night, the rest are from my Florida vacation!

This is the layout that needed more orange. A few rhinestones from Kaisercraft accomplished that mission. This picture is probably one of the least flattering of me that I've ever scrapped, but it makes me laugh like none other.

How cute is that face?? This is my favorite image from a shoot we did in February. Who knew 5 day old babies could be so expressive? Also, love these Making Memories papers. I'm a little addicted :)

Oh, Walker. I did this layout while in Florida on the fact that we finally resorted to hiring a trainer to break our sweet little puppy of some of his unsavory habits. Clearly, we still need to work on counter surfing. He's feeling fine, by the way. Eating, drinking, and doing everything else quite normally. But alas, still no sign of the sillicone.

There's that Making Memories paper again. I love this picture because it reminds me of summer, and an impromptu trip I was able to take to visit my cousin and her kids. It was my first time visiting with Jack since his autism diagnosis and I was so proud to see all the progress he's making. His two little brothers are pretty adorable too :)

And with that, I'm off to watch the Biggest Loser and head to bed early!


Barb said...

Awww. I was just telling Brad how much fun we had on Sunday. His words: "She left at what time!??!"

A million thanks to Al Gore and his internet! So glad we met.

em said...

Love your scrappiness!!! Wish I was there to join in the snark! ;)

Josie said...

Fun Pages...I'm with Em...I wish we all lived closer : (

BR@NDY said...

You know I had the most fun with your scrappy supplies. Your stuff is so inspiring. Love it.