Friday, January 20, 2012

Five on Friday: I Will Survive Edition

Delayed: Worst word ever. Especially when said word is tied to the impending arrival of the husband/daddy who has been out of town on business since 5am Monday morning. I prayed for the weather to hold out for his arrival. Apparently I was not specific enough. The weather here is fine. The weather in Minneapolis (where he is layed over) and the weather in South Dakota (where his connecting flight is currently stuck)...not so much. Thankfully we are only a 3 minute drive to the airport so I can wait at home until he has landed. At this rate I am hoping the delay doesn't drag into naptime. Then, we'll have a problem.
Language Explosion Nick Jr. Style: So AJ is trying to talk up a storm lately. Most everything is still a word approximation, but given this time last year he said absolutely nothing, we'll take what we can get. What do most of his latest words have in common? They're tied to television. I kid you not, after one episode of Dora the Explorer earlier this week, AJ now walks around saying "Door? (Dora?) Booo (Boots?)" and then this morning I had the tv on while I was unloading the dishwasher and this show I'd never seen before (and could do without ever watching again) came on. Bubble Guppies. What the heck kind of name is bubble guppies? Anyway. Wouldn't you know it that I go to change the channel and I am met with "No! No! Bubba! Bubba!" There must be some sort of crack like substance that emits from the tv to get them hooked. Seriously.
M-I-C-See you real soon? Craving a trip to see the Mouse in a BAD way. It doesn't help that many of my friends see me as a WDW expert and so I'm getting frequent emails this time of year for advice on trip planning. Four words: TAKE ME WITH YOU! It has been far too long. Maybe if I'm lucky, we'll get there before baby number 2 comes and adds a whole new layer of complications to travel.
Project Life: I'm making it my goal to get weeks 1-3 completed this weekend. And maybe blogged next week? I'm also making it my goal to convince Karl I should print at home for this project. I think it's the only way I'm going to keep up. There may or may not be a Canon Selphy calling my name.
Wardrobe Malfunctions: Another goal this weekend: buy pants that fit. One can only function for so long with a hair tie bridging the gap between the button and the button hole. Especially when one is trying to keep up with a toddler. So, maternity pants it is.

Happy Weekend friends!


Barb said...

Give yourself some time to relax this weekend, too. Somewhere between buying the pants, planning the trip, and updating the PL.

em said...

so glad karl made it home!
i can't wait to see your PL.
and YAY for a.j.'s newfound love of words. ;)

angieoh! said...

Dora and Boots are big hits with Dottie. I bought Dora shampoo just so she won't fight me to wash that mop of hair! I say, 'its time for Dora soap" must be freaking magic!