Friday, January 13, 2012

Five on Friday: Confessions

1. Mommy Meltdown: I locked myself in the bathroom last night as Karl and I were putting AJ to bed (or shall I say putting AJ back to bed for the 10th time) and had a big old sobfest. We're talking the kind of ugly cry that was once reserved for really really good episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Two and a half is hard in our house. I imagine it is hard at times in everyone's house. Or at least I hope it is. But honestly last night I had a major internal monologue going about how I simply am not cut out for this. I need to go back to working for a boss who says thank you, controls his bowels, and doesn't climb the walls when I turn my back. How stupid I am for choosing a career path where my paycheck would barely cover daycare if I went back to work. How I really, really, just want AJ to be someone else's challenge for a few hours a day. Because someone else can do it better, I'm certain. Things are better, for the most part, after a (somewhat) decent night of sleep. And I'm tackling today like I would a crazy day in the newsroom. I could handle breaking news and severe weather and a screaming news director. I can handle this kid.
2. Project Life: I'm behind already. Not in the picture taking, I'm all over that. But in the picture printing, and layout putting together. Week 2 and I am behind. I need to print at home I think. I also need to get over my bitterness that the page A protectors from last year do not work with the core kit from this year. So my journaling cards are too big. And I can't get new page protectors until they are back in stock. The OCD in me is screaming.
3. Boogie Robots: AJ is obsessed with Despicable Me. O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. since Christmas Day. Now, the obsession is morphing. Instead of wanting to watch the movie on a loop 24/7 he now only wants to watch certain parts of the movie. Like the last 5 minutes where everyone dances. He gets quite irate when I inform him we need to watch the whole movie to get to the dance part. "DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!" is what I hear a million time a day. It is possible that I make him watch the whole movie so I can see *my favorite parts* "Cookie Robots! I said cookie robots! Why do you have to be so...old?!!?" "Knocked OV-AH" "The physical appearance of the please makes no difference" Ah, have stolen a place in my heart.
4. Time Out: AJ has gone to the time out spot 5 times since I started writing this blog. You know it's going to be a long day when a leash sounds like parenting tool. At least then I would know where he is and what he's doing, even if it means I have to bring him to the bathroom with me? (He's going to wind up barging in on me anyway. There is no privacy in this house.)
5. Beauty and The Beast: I'm using my best friend's children as an excuse to go see Beauty and the Beast in the theatre this weekend. AJ isn't ready for the big screen experience and Karl seems to think I am ridiculous for wanting to go as an almost 33 year old. Enter an 8,6, and 4 year old who are all thrilled about going to a Saturday Matinee. Done and Done. I hope they don't mind that I totally plan to sing along to Be Our Guest!

Happy Weekend Friends!


Katrina said...

I know that this sounds trite, but sending you hugs. I am decades away from the toddler days - but I remember how challenging they are.

And you know my feeling on PL. We'll be fine. Deep breaths.

Barb said...

I have no sage advice about parenting - especially parenting a toddler.

I am thinking of you, though. And will provide whatever relief I can this week. :)

em said...

I'm all about the mommy meltdowns. At least you cried in the bathroom and didn't just scream at the top of your lungs AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH like I've been known to do!! Hope this week is a good one!!

gabbyfek said...

i love you.