Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Good Company...

So I've always been pretty sure Megyn Kelly of Fox News has the perfect life. I mean, really, she spends her morning sitting next to Bill Hemmer. I've been kind of in love with Bill Hemmer since he spent weeks in Tallahassee, FL after the Indecision 2000 debacle. Back then he was with CNN and I was a Democrat. Things have changed for both of us since then, but I still think he's pretty darn cute.

Now, back to Megyn. I find her to be smart, attractive, and capable of pulling off some serious snark. And my recent suspicion that she's expecting has been confirmed. She's due in October. So yay for Megyn Kelly joining the ever expanding preggo club. 2009 is clearly the year of the baby.

But can I be a jealous pregnant woman for a moment? She's 38. She's more than half way through her pregnancy. She currently looks like she ate a big meal before heading to the set. I guarantee she won't get stretch marks, or cankles, or sausage fingers. AND she gets to sit next to Bill Hemmer every day!

Some girls have all the luck!

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