Sunday, November 23, 2008


Poor poor neglected blog. I've been doing the doggy paddle to survive these days and so this blog has taken a back seat to important things like sleep and work. Unfortunately for me, and those around me, the sleep has happened a lot less than the work. Oh well.

So, since I don't have time to write are a few random tidbits to take up space until I can devote time to a real entry.

  • It took almost four years, but Walker has finally discovered the joy of the dog bed. I am not afraid to say it took Karl laying on said dog bed to get Walker to understand that it would be more comfortable than laying on the floor.
  • Said dog bed is currently in use because we've banned Walker from the new couch. There are few things in the world that make me feel more guilt than Walker's sad eyes.
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year to watch the food network. Such yummy ideas. Like the mashed potato recipe I caught from Tyler Florence the other night. The taters are boiled in milk and cream instead of water. That sounds excessive right? Excessively YUMMO!
  • My husband is a rockstar. A home improvement rockstar. Thanks to his handywork, my inlaws will be the first to sleep in our brand new guestroom. Thankfully they're not staying long, because as of right now the only thing in the room is a bed. But at least it has flooring, and electricity, and a door. Baby steps.
  • I am also a rockstar....of the photo editing variety. It is my plan to be completely done with all of our outstanding sessions by the end of this week. And then, with the exception of card orders and print orders, I will do nothing business related until New Years Eve when we'll ring in the new year with a wedding.
That's all I've got. Well there's more. But it can wait :)

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em said...

We had to lay in Maddie's bed, too. Unfortunately she prefers OUR bed to any other spot in the house!!