Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Been a While

Wow, a girl quits her job and suddenly she has no time to blog! Who knew?

This entry is just a place holder of sorts, since I have pictures I want to share as soon as they're uploaded and I have so many stories to tell.

For now, here's the bullets.
First week off of work involved:
  • a fun evening of fondue
  • a night of drinking and laughing and blurry picture taking at Titletown
  • a fun wine tasting party
  • a couple of doctors appointments, a new direction, and a couple of surprises
  • airport adventures involving my poor mom. Delayed flights, missed connections, lost baggage
  • Scrap shopping and cropping with my mother, the Archivers virgin.
Second week off of work involved:
  • CKU Chicago!!!
  • Making it into the Chicago suburbs without getting lost, thanks to TomTom
  • Running into old friends as well as making new ones
  • Being totally inspired by some incredibly creative people
  • Getting flooded out of our hotel room
  • Sleeping in comfy beds with crappy pillows
  • A crop night of giggling that probably drove those around us nuts
  • A loooong nap on Sunday afternoon
  • Unpacking
  • Catch up laundry
  • Repacking because---
Weeks three and four of self employment will be spent IN FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I sit here watching flurries swirl outside, I'm not sure I can express how happy I am to be heading south for a couple of weeks.

The trip is mainly for relaxation, but there will be some work involved. Karl and I are scheduled to shoot a couple of families and seniors while we're in the sunshine state. We'll just have to plan those around the mandatory nap time out by the pool!

Pictures soon, I promise!

Oh, and before I go... Mary Kay tagged me-- oh a month ago-- to do the seven unusual things about me thing. I'm not sure how unusual these things are, but I've waited long enough to get this done, so let's give it a go.

  1. I have to have one foot outside of the covers when I fall asleep. Sometime during the night I wind up tucking it back in, but I can't fall asleep without that foot peeking out.
  2. I'm not good at sleeping in silence. Thank goodness for the sleep timer on my tv. I don't know what I would do without background noise.
  3. I love brussel sprouts and asparagus, two vegetable most people hate, but I dislike celery and carrots, two common veggies people love.
  4. In my fifth grade yearbook I wrote that by the year 2010 I planned to be working at a law firm and playing violin for the New York philharmonic.
  5. My senior year in high school I was concert mistress in our orchestra. And I was labeled most likely to become a Supreme Court Justice.
  6. That's the same year I discovered photography and journalism-- leading me in a completely different direction.
  7. I still have my elementary school best friend's phone number memorized.
At this point I doubt there is anyone who hasn't been tagged for one of these. But if you're reading and want to do it, leave me a note so I can check out your seven unusual facts.

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