Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello, Monday

Hello, early. After a stretch of somewhat reasonable wake up calls from Sammy, it appears we are back to the oh dark 30 start. Silver lining: extra quiet time to sit in the dark with my laptop and my coffee. And the coffee is hot. (Thank you Keurig auto timer!)

Hello, heat. Weirdest summer ever. Last week I woke up shivering because we had left the windows open on a night when the low dipped into the 40s. This week? Our forecasted high on Wednesday is hotter than the high in Central Florida. Not a fan. My only hope is that this heat wave FINALLY ripens the tomatoes I have on the vine.

Hello, project life. I gave myself the day yesterday to play a little bit of PL catch up. Just me, my stuff, and the work room at Archiver's. (And a dollar beverage from McDonald's if I'm being completely honest.) When they locked the doors and kicked me out at 5 last night, I was working on the first week of AUGUST. As in, I'm only a couple of weeks behind. (We'll just overlook the mess of mostly empty page protectors that is February-May.) I really love this project. And this weekend I finally fell in love with my cameo.There are two spreads I completed yesterday that don't have a SINGLE THICKER. Gasp!

Hello, weight watchers. I am, once again, back on the wagon. Summer *should* be an easy time to focus on clean healthy eating. Lots of grilling and salads and time outside. This summer? We grilled and ate salads and I drank too much gin and iced beverages from Starbucks. And Dairy Queen. Last weekend I stepped on the scale and started fresh. I approached this last week with a menu plan, and a fridge full of good choices. Result: down 3.6lbs.

Hello, planning for fall. Registration opens at 6am this morning for the fall session at the Y. My program book is highlighted and I've made my little grid. I am ready! The boys will enjoy swimming and music and gymnastics, and mama will enjoy a couple of water classes of her own. 

Here's to a great week, friends.


gabbyfek said...

you are super mama.
and i envy the PL catch up-- how awesome that has to feel!

angieoh! said...

gin is the devil.