Friday, March 23, 2012

Four on Friday: Life with a New Talker

(let's just pretend it hasn't been a month since I blogged, mkay? I promise to catch up, eventually!)

For now, some comedy thanks to the 2.5 year old who's suddenly decided to grace us with his voice.

1. World Traveler: Signs your husband might travel a little too much for work? The *only* two syllable words AJ says completely: airport and airplane. And he says them constantly. "Dada work? Dada airport? Airplane?" He also thinks "the airport" is the same as Canada, Florida, Tennessee, and Portland which are Karl's most popular business destinations. So we drive past the airport (5 minutes from our house ) and the backseat comes a live with "Dada 'See? (Tennessee) Dada 'Da (Canada?)"

2. Lion vs Lying: Conversation from earlier this week:
Mama: AJ, did you poop?
AJ: Noooooooo
Mama: You're lying. You need a new diaper
AJ: Roar!!!!!!
Mama: No I said you're lying... not you're a LION
AJ: Oooh oooh Eeee Eee (monkey sounds)
Mama: You're not a monkey either!
AJ: Neeeigh?

3. Life in Color: When AJ first started with colors, everything was "booo" and he would get especially excited when he was lucky enough to be right. Now, he's added red, green, and pink to his rainbow. My favorite part though: he often calls red "stop" and green "go go go" now that he's made the red light green light connection. AJ, what color is this shirt: STOP! AJ, what color is Oscar: Go go go! The backseat is much louder now that the little dude has learned to pay attention to the traffic signals. There's no way I could miss a changing light.

4. Good morning to you too: Now that he's in a big boy bed, AJ wakes up in the morning and joins us in our room for a little morning snuggle. Except apparently on days when he feels like we have all slept long enough. On those mornings he throws open our door with a shout of "DAY!!!" which is AJ shorthand for my morning routine of asking him if he's ready to start his day. If we're not quick enough on the "up and at 'em" he runs to the living room, grabs the tv remote, and returns to our bedroom with demands of "mee-ee (Mickey)" "Buh (Bubble Guppies)" or "Sooo (Super Why)"

(Hoping to do some major PL-ing this weekend. Maybe some catch up posts this week?)


em said...

The lion story is my favorite! And the traffic light thing...yeah, Miri is a killer. It's GREEN (which she says like "duh-ween"!) Mommy! GOOO!!!!!!!

gabbyfek said...

i LOVE this.
makes me just so happy this monday morning.