Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Random Thoughts Edition

Things I thought today, in no particular order:

  1. My son may not speak, but he certainly gets his point across: AJ likes to drag my around the house holding my left index finger and leading me wherever he wants to go at that moment. Sometimes it's to the kitchen for a snack. Sometimes he heads for his room to look out the window. Lately we've been making a lot of trips to the window to see what's going on outside. Today, it was doing this disgusting sleet/snow/freezing rain nonsense. AJ pointed out at the mess and I said, "Yup it's snowing again buddy. Bummer." to which he replied with a sound that I believe was "uck." I surely hope that was his way of saying Yuck and not some other word that ends with -uck!
  2. My short term memory is crap lately: I have two pills to take right now in addition to my vitamins. One in the morning, one at night. Ask me how many times a day I ask myself if I remembered to take said pills. I've started adding "take am pill" and "take pm pill" to the to do list on my phone, but then I forget to cross it off when I've taken the pill. AND I forgot my Sam's Club list at home!
  3. All the good stuff contains cheese and/or milk: In my endless quest to find new recipes that will work for our family, I do a lot of blog hopping. And it seems like all of the recipes that catch my attention seem to contain dairy. And not in a sub vegan butter for real butter sort of way. Bummer.
  4. I really want a pop: I had my last diet soda two days before my d&c. I drank nothing but lots of water the day before in the hopes of plumping up my crappy veins and not being the crappy IV patient of the day. Yeah, totally didn't work. But then I just decided I wasn't going to drink diet soda anymore. Prior to this decision Dt. Mtn, Dew was pretty much my lifeblood. I was doing really good until this past weekend when I caved and had several regular Mountain Dews in the hopes of surviving on minimal sleep. Now, I'm back on Weight Watchers and I'm determined not to drink my calories. So, water it is.
  5. Abbreviated naps are almost as bad as no nap at all: *Someone* decided to wake up from his nap 45 minutes early. I almost cried. I count on that two hour stretch every day to do things like eat, clean, pee in private, and sometimes I even get to sit down and surf the internet for a while. The 2 hour nap has been pretty consistent for a while now, so today's early rising caught me off guard and left me with a bunch of crap to do.
  6. Refried Beans resemble Alpo: I've started mixing fat free refried beans into our ground turkey for Taco Tuesday. It makes the meat stretch and AJ is a big fan. Today I opened the can and the contents came out in one large can shaped mass. I may or may not have gagged a little.
  7. It's a good thing Taco Tuesday falls on bath night: That one is a no brainer. The little dude is covered in his dinner on most nights, but tacos are especially messy.
  8. The scale doesn't lie: The number last night was as bad as I expected. I am currently 5lbs from my highest adult "not pregnant/postpartum" weight. I have a long way to go.
  9. I miss Knoxville: This time of year is one of the things I miss most about East Tennessee. Warm, but not yet *hot*. Dogwoods and Bradford pears blooming. The return of outdoor concerts and festivals. I won't miss it quite so much in June when we're comfortably in the 70s and they're sweating their way through a hot and humid 90 something day.
  10. There's nothing quite like clean sheets: I'm going to sleep well tonight!


em said...

I'm sorry to have to agree with you...but yes, all the good stuff DOES contain milk and cheese. ;)

Justin will tell you from his experience that AJ will survive and be totally happy eating some random fake ice cream treat someday because he doesn't know the difference. ;)

How is the speech "coaching" going?! Once he figures out he can actually say what he wants he won't shut up, like a certain little blonde I know.

And you are making want to clean my sheets. :)

gabbyfek said...

mike actually threw up looking at refried beans. no lie. and 7. yes. bathtime = immediately post-dinner here. and 10. FAVORITE. mmmm.