Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Right Now

Inspired by Ali
  • AJ wears a sleeper, but not for long. Blowout diapers require lots of wardrobe changes these days.
  • Walker is happy to share the bed with his little brother. I'm amazed how well these two get along. My crazy dog is playing the big brother role well.
  • My bed is made because she told me it would help me stay sane as a new mama. So far I'm thinking she's right.
  • I can't remember who I was before I was AJ's mama. Maybe a little sleep would help me regain my memory.


Laura said...

So happy to see this. :) Walker looks awesome next to AJ! Yeah little family!

em said... Laura is a genius. That is the one thing that I do every day NO MATTER WHAT. It really does help keep you sane. Also thinking of your child as the host of the Academy Awards while performing all his wardrobe changes...well that just makes it more fun. ;)

Josie said...

They look so happy and peaceful...hope you get some sleep. Can't wait to meet the little one : )