Monday, May 25, 2009

Almost There

At 36 weeks:
  • Monkey has "dropped"
  • which means I am waddling. So attractive.
  • Ultrasounds estimate Monkey weighs 6lbs 11oz. although I feel like he/she weighs at least 11lbs
  • I'm down to about 4 outfits that fit and will NOT buy anything else.
  • We've "graduated" from our childbirth class. I wish I could say I feel prepared.
  • My to do list gets longer the more things I cross off.
  • I can't wait to meet our baby!


Laura said...

Charlie dropped about five days before his arrival...Thinking about you Steph!!! xoxo

em said...

I can't wait either. :)
But you already knew that.
Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!!!!! Though I know the best birthday present ever is about to make his/her arrival!