Wednesday, May 7, 2008

January Flashback

So now that it seems like spring is really here to say, I'm thinking back to January. Huh?? What can I say, I'm not able to scrap in order!

I did this layout for this week's Journaler's Junction Challenge, which is to journal about food. And let me tell you, food was a big part of the Girls Vaca in Galena! Barb and Ang teamed up to cook breakfast for the group. I had my first ever pickle wrap, thanks to Brandy. We all enjoyed fried green tomatoes. And Josie addicted us all to this strawberry cheesecake fluffy thing. My mouth is totally watering just thinking about it.

And speaking of food, I've got big culinary plans for tomorrow! Babs and I are channeling our inner Giada and whipping up some pasta from scratch. Followed of course by Grey's Anatomy viewing and chocolate molten cakes for dessert.

I'm sure there will be pictures to follow...


em said...

Okay right now I am stomping my foot and frowning in jealousy. Hmfph.

angieoh! said...

I am very jealous too. Eat a bunch for me and then get loud and boisterous. :) It will be just like I am there with you guys!!

amyyo said...

love the layout. Have a super fun time with the pasta tonight.

BR@NDY said...

Woohoo! Pickle wraps rock! I love love love this page! So very yummy!

Josie said...

Cute layout
ahh the memories
We all so need to live closer
and have tv nights and giada nights